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VPS Hosting Services

What is a VPS? Difference between shared hosting and VPS. Advantages of the VPS hosting. Disadvantages of the VPS hosting. VPS Hosting Services with a premium web hosting menu-driven interface.


Dedicated Virtual Server

What is a virtual dedicated server? What are the advantages of the VPS hosting service? Things to be aware of, when purchasing VPS services. A dedicated virtual server with a state-of-the-art web hosting Control Panel.


VPS Hosting Europe

As a result of latter-day software application improvements, virtual hosting servers have been introduced and they've quickly become one of the most commonly used web hosting solutions as they offer tiptop performance at a very reasonable rate.


Best VPS Hosting

VPS Hosting solutions. The Best Virtual Private Server providers offering the most modern and fresh hosting and domain management Control Panel tools.


USA VPS Hosting

US-based VPS hosting services, bundled with a fresh and modern web hosting menu-driven interface. UK/AU locations are also available.


XEN VPS Hosting

Xen VPS Hosting alternatives, managed via a premium hosting graphical user interface. American, European and Australian VPS locations available.